Why you should protect your firmware with Exein Core technology.

Infrastructures built on top of IoT and embedded devices are easily open to attacks, primarily because they were not designed with security in mind, and then because these devices are very exposed, attracting attackers’ attention.

In such an environment, the diversity of attacks, their complexity, and their number has increased, making a solution indispensable.

Embedded devices, unlike traditional computers, often lack update procedures and tools to protect them. And it is in this void that Exein core takes place.

Exein Core protects against known and unknown vulnerabilities by providing the tools needed to produce hardened devices. It is a host-based security technology capable of providing an embedded system with anomaly detection functionality based on a machine learning engine.

Exein aims to manufacturers who want to equip their devices with an additional layer of security to offer higher protection to their customers.

Exein technology’s goal is to protect the target system from unwanted actions, to do so, it needs to analyze the system’s behavior. At all times, it has a thorough understanding of the monitored application’s actions and can react when an anomaly is detected.

Exein core runs close by the firmware, ensuring minimal overhead. The use of our solution is immediate and straightforward; there is no need to change the source code of the applications to be monitored. Maximum results can be achieved with minimum effort.

Exein core supports Buildroot, OpenWRT, and Yocto out of the box, but could be easily extended to support new architectures.

Head over to exein.io for more information about Exein Core, including how to get started at securing your own firmware.

Github: https://github.com/Exein-io/exein

Posted by Gianluigi Spagnuolo, Security Firmware Developer at Exein

The firmware security software and middleware that can be injected like a vaccine in the hardware and aims to defend it from inside.